Blu Sleep

The Power of Water, The Comfort of Air
Innovative water expanded foams for a better sleep.

Designed in America, manufactured in Italy.
Inspired by the crisp breezes of the Mediterranean shores, the languid vistas and warm enveloping softness of the southern Italian sun.  We want to embrace you in a feeling of well-being and luxury all night long, so your day starts off like you are on a 5-Star Holiday.

We have designed our mattress from the base up.  Support comes from the base of the mattress and as many brands opt to cut corners and cost with a bedspring hybrid approach, we decided to use advanced foam technology to better suit your needs.  Our premium base foams are shaped into adaptive columns that keep the spine aligned and let air flow through the base and up out of the breathable foams.  The AirPod is the key to a better mattress.  Without a good base, a mattress loses its ability to give you a restful sleep.

Blu Sleep

Removable and Washable Cover

Rapid Response
Rapid-Response Foam

Temperature Regulating

Hydro Expand
Hydro-Expand™ Technology