Come on. Admit it!

…you deserve to wake up each morning refreshed, energized, and pain free. But…

…you don’t.

You toss and turn, wrestle with restless leg syndrome, Sciatica, sinus congestion, acid reflux, lower back or hip pain, poor breathing, snoring issues, or a bulging disc.

Most mattress retailers would have you believe your sleep problems will disappear with a new mattress and box spring – especially one of theirs that happens to be on sale! Don’t be deceived by this simple solution to a more complex problem – getting quality sleep.

Yes, you do deserve a mattress that fits your budget. But, you also deserve a fitted mattress that reduces or eliminates your specific sleep problem. We know how to do this.

Low back pain? Could be your ancient mattress…

We are your sleep specialists.

We know human anatomy. We know what causes your aches, pains, and discomforts. We’ll show you the proper posture to great sleep and how to break bad sleeping habits. After we evaluate your sleep, we will find a mattress from our 50 plus mattresses on display that is perfect for you – at a price that will make your smile. Guaranteed.

Here’s the cool part. After you learn your way to a deeper sleep and find the perfect innerspring, air, memory foam, or adjustable bed, there is no obligation to buy. Browsing and learning is just fine with us.

But, if you do buy, we’ll deliver your new mattress and haul away your old one for free. See us for details.

But please, don’t take our word for it. Come visit us. Learn your way to deeper sleep. Kick start a perfect morning. Experience a quality name brand mattress from Van Wert Bedrooms.