Not Your Normal Pet

Mattresses are magnets for a few unwanted bugs. Think about the life of a mattress. For 6-8 hours every night it is a warm, moist, soft surface to sleep on. It is also the perfect environment for a few other unwanted critters. Most common are dust mites, bed bugs and microscopic spiders.

DustMiteWhile you are asleep, dead skin cells fall off your body and filter into the mattress. Combine this warm environment with dust mites that float through the air and end up in your mattress and the combination is just right for rapid reproduction. DustMiteAs dust mites reproduce, the waste products get moved around in the bedroom causing allergies. Nighttime allergies can be caused by dust mite waste products in both the mattress and pillows. Mattress and pillow covers are available to control the dust mite allergies.

Another recent news story is the resurgence of bed bugs. We are such a mobile society, traveling and staying in hotels and friends homes. At some point, picking up a bed bug or 2 and bringing it into our own homes is a good possibility and bed bugs proliferate faster than rabbits! Protecting your mattress against bed bugs is as simple as putting on a mattress encasement (cover) which will not allow the bed bugs, or dust mites, to get established in your mattress. Encasement covers are washable and made to trap dead skin cells, pollen and dust mites which keeps the mattress and pillows clean and much more sanitary.

Bed bug covers are needed for both the mattress and the box springs. Although they won’t keep the bed bugs out of your house, covers will keep them out of your mattress. Other stuff like sheets, mattress pads & pillows can be washed in hot water and kill the bed bugs. Once bed bugs are in your mattress, it is best to replace the mattress and immediately add the covers. Sprays are available to kill bed bugs in the carpet and other furniture in the home.

BedBugBedBugSleeping in a clean environment can make a noticeable difference in allergies and reduce nighttime congestion. Nighttime allergies are magnified because of the congestion caused while sleeping. Using pillows to prop up your head can add to the problem if they are the source of the allergens. Purchasing new pillows, adding mattress and pillow covers, and washing sheets can reduce or eliminate the source of the allergies.

Children are the most susceptible to allergies. Van Wert Bedrooms stocks both box springs and mattress encasement covers for all mattress sizes up to 18” thick. Ask us for the mattress and pillow encasement covers and enjoy a more restful sleep.