Five Star

Five Star

Five Star Mattress manufactures and distributes its products throughout the United States.  With a network of 23 factories across the United States, we are able to provide consistent service and support to our network of retailers and their consumers. Five Star uses many of the same comfort and support features found in many name brand mattresses.  By limiting our national marketing spend, we are able to offer our premium products at incredible values.

Our slogan says it all, “Brand Name Quality….for less!”


The Wedgeport mattress is an all foam mattress.  Use this mattress in a spare bedroom where occasional use is the norm, or put it into a roll away bed frame to fold up for easy storage.  The Wedgeport mattress is light enough and flexible enough to be rolled up and stored in a closet if storage space is at a premium.  Place it on a box springs and it makes a good starter mattress for toddlers.  The Wedgeport comes with a 1 year warranty.  Twin set for $159.


The Soundview is the starting innerspring mattress in the Fivestar line that gives more support than the all foam mattress but still delivers great value in a bed.  This mattress is excellent for occasional use for grandchildren or as a spare bedroom mattress that only gets limited usage.  The Soundview comes with a 1 year warranty.  Twin set for $199.


The Redmond utilizes the 420 Mira-Coil® innerspring unit that offers outstanding performance in a value priced mattress. Available in both a firm and a plush option to fit your personal preference.  The innerspring unit has heavy gauge tempered wire that provides more surface coverage and better sleeper support.  The innerspring units head to toe design reduces partner motion transfer.  The Redmond comes with a 1 year warranty.   Twin set for $299.


The Newbury utilizes the 520 Mira-Coil® innerspring unit.  We consider this mattress the beginner in the adult-grade primary use mattress in the Five Star line.  It offers a firm feel for people who prefer stiffer support.  The innerspring units head to toe design reduces motion transfer between partners. The Newbury has a 10 Year non-prorated warranty.   Twin set for $339.


The Dalton Plush mattress utilizes the 532 Mira-Coil® innerspring unit with perimeter foam encasement for a full edge-to-edge sleeping surface.  The foam perimeter edge also increases sidewall durability and gives a firmer sitting edge.  This mattress has noticeably less motion because of the foam edge.  Plush padding and a firm coil makes this mattress a favorite for a starter mattress.  The Dalton has a 10 Year non-prorated warranty.   Queen set for $499.