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Finding that perfect mattress to help you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed is as easy as improving your vision by getting an eye exam.  Having a specialist and proper equipment will get you a perfect prescription for glasses.  Having a sleep specialist and the proper understanding of what a mattress needs to do will help you get the proper support and a deep restful sleep.

My name is Randy Thompson and I have spent 30 years in the mattress and sleep business.  Over the past 7 years I have created a Sleep Study that has provided information helping hundreds of customers to wake up feeling mentally rested and wake up pain free every morning, regardless of age, injuries or medical conditions.  For customers over 60 this is an especially tall order for the lowly mattress.  Once you understand what happens as you age and how to roll back the clock on your sleep problems, it is like looking through a new pair of glasses.  It all becomes so clear you know exactly which mattress is right and exactly what you need to do to return to a restful, pain free sleep!

Advances in technology have made a dramatic change in the comfort and durability of bedding.  Manufacturers create different surfaces to support your body in different ways.  Some people prefer the feel of a softer mattress while others prefer harder mattresses.  There are so many choices; the selection process can get quite confusing.  Especially if you have underlying medical conditions that make sleeping difficult.  Our Sleep Study takes all of this into consideration.  Along with your age, we take into account over 20 different common sleep problems with each Sleep Study.  When finished you will know why you sleep the way you do and how to choose the correct mattress.

Your hips and lower back are the main focus in choosing a new mattress.  Once you find the mattress with the correct support, back pain diminishes and everything else becomes very clear!  Just like getting a new prescription.   Our Sleep Study makes purchasing a new mattress very fun and very simple.  And best of all, you understand why you are getting the perfect mattress before you even leave the store!  We are so confident that you will finally get the sleep you are looking for that we back every mattress, purchased with our Platinum Mattress Protector, with a 30 day comfort guarantee!

The Van Wert Bedrooms Sleep Study incorporates 3 main parts to help with your selection:

  1. Learning about your current mattress.
  2. Learning about the problems you have sleeping ie; too hot, snoring, tossing and turning, APNEA, pack pain, leg cramps, ect.  (we identify 20 sleep problems).
  3. Listening to how you feel in the morning when you wake up.  Tired, sore, achy.With these 3 pieces of information we show you how to choose the mattress that will help you wake up feeling much younger!  Remember that feeling 20 years ago, waking up ready to take on the day!

Your goal should be to wake up and notice 3 things.

  1. You feel mentally rested.
  2. You feel physically rested.
  3. You have little or no back pain, hip pain, or neck pain.

When you finally begin to wake up rested and pain free you can enjoy the entire day and then begin to look forward to going to bed at night.  Getting the rest you need is such an important part of your day.  Another comment I hear regularly is when customers tell me they are sleeping so much better, they don’t spend as much time in bed and feel more alert because they get such a deep, restful, movement free sleep.

If you would like to experience this kind of restful sleep, come in and ask for the Van Wert Bedrooms Sleep Study.  Give us 30 minutes and we will take all of the confusion and guessing out of choosing your next mattress.

Give us a call or email us and schedule your Sleep Study.  Then as a special incentive, we will give you a set of pillows absolutely free just for taking the Van Wert Bedrooms Sleep Study.  No purchase necessary.  Allow half an hour to one hour for the complete experience.  Sorry, no overnight stays needed.

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Couples need to attend together.  Helping one person sleep well and making the other uncomfortable is not productive.

If this Sleep Study is not for you but you know of someone who would benefit from sleeping better please, pass it on!


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