Adjustable Beds

What you need to know about ADJUSTABLE BEDS!

There are a number of issues that can prevent a person from getting a good night’s sleep including:

  1. Low Back and Joint Pain
  2. Snoring
  3. Acid Reflux
  4. Leg Cramps and Poor Circulation
  5. Congestion and Breathing Difficulty
  6. Shoulder and Hip Discomfort.

One thing all of these issues have in common is they can be alleviated or even eliminated with the right mattress and an adjustable base.  If you are troubled by any of these issues and you are sleeping on a flat, traditional foundation, your body is being robbed of the deep, restorative sleep it needs.

Snoring is one of the most common sleep issues and is a symptom of poor breathing.  Elevating the head of your bed takes pressure off the chest and opens your airways to reduce the snore.  Raising the head of the bed also helps to reduce or eliminate nighttime congestion.  Having the head elevated also prevents acid from leaving the stomach and causing reflux.

When the lower half of the adjustable bed raises, it bends your knees and takes the weight of your legs off the base of your spine, immediately reducing tension and discomfort.  In addition, the elevated knee position will increase efficiency of the circulatory system and help reduce leg cramps and discomfort.

In addition to the health benefits, adjustable beds can improve your lifestyle.

You can position your adjustable bed for the way you live in your bedroom. Read. Watch TV. Surf the Internet. Even eat. Forget stacking those pillows in a certain way. Your relaxation begins with just a push of a button.

You’ll discover a world of adjustable bed choices here. You’ll fall head over heels over an adjustable bed once you have the facts and experience one. Promise. Plus, there are adjustable bed prices and multiple financing plans which allow you to start sleeping and living on one immediately.

We have adjustable beds from $399.

Intrigued?  Come see us. Get the scoop on an adjustable bed. Try one out. You’ll be amazed.