What about the price?

Can the right $500 mattress actually sleep better than the wrong $2500 mattress?

Just by looking at mattresses makes you wonder why the pricing is so different!  All queen mattresses are 60” wide and 80” long.  The only noticeable difference is the thickness and fabric on the mattress.

So why does one queen set cost $499, and what looks like the same mattress with different fabric, and another inch thicker cost $899?   And WOW!  Why is this other mattress that looks like a block of foam with fabric around it sell for over $2000?

There is not one answer to the price question.  Different mattresses have different components inside.  Why?  One reason is we all demand a certain level of comfort and we are all different sizes, shapes and weights.  Different people need different mattresses.   Another reason is that different materials have different densities which costs more just like higher coil counts and thicker wires in mattresses cost more and feel different.

Another reason for cost differences are the manufacturing costs of the materials incorporated in the mattress.  Fabric choices can make a $200 difference in the cost of a mattress.  The look and feel of the fabric alone can make the difference between choosing one mattress over another!  And that is the only part you can see and feel.   Unfortunately there is no way to look inside different mattresses and compare components.  Pictures and material samples help but even knowing these things won’t help you know what will make you sleep well and feel good in the morning.

The key to choosing the right mattress has less to do with the price of the mattress and more to do with understanding what the mattress needs to do for you.   When you wake up feeling tired or sore, that is a comfort problem!  The mattress is not providing the proper comfort for your body and therefore you toss and turn and are not able to get the deep restorative sleep necessary to wake up mentally rested.   Therefore choose a new mattress surface that feels good while laying down.

Another common problem is morning back pain or hip pain.  This is a support problem.  The innerspring component or the foam core is either too hard or too soft.    The proper support eliminates many back pain issues.  Support is the least understood part of a mattress purchase.  Unfortunately it is the most important part!

With so many choices and so little professional help when shopping for a new mattress, the most common solution is to buy the cheaper mattress.    Some take the chance on a more expensive high tech space age mattress or air mattress thinking more expensive is better.   Unfortunately buying price, or taking the high tech route gives you a 50/50 chance of sleeping better.  Knowing how to let the mattress pick you is the real key to a great nights sleep, and to feeling rested and pain free in the morning.  Letting the mattress do the picking is not hard but requires help the first time.

Give us ten minutes and we will take all of the guess work out of buying a new mattress!  It really is easy!  Let us show you how the right $500 mattress can help you sleep better than the wrong $2500 mattress.  Eliminate the guessing game and make mattress shopping fun again!