Why new pillows?

The rest of the story.

You have the perfect bed!  It feels like heaven when you lay down.  Everything about the mattress is just perfect, but why do you still wake up with sore shoulders, a stiff neck or a headache?   The problem is your pillow!

Pillows are an important part of sleeping because they support the other curve in your back….your neck.   Regardless of how you sleep, back sleeper or side sleeper, the pillow is the other half of the support story.  When you have the correct bed and pillow, headaches and upper back and neck pain disappear.

Basic inexpensive pillows work for the majority of people.  Specialty pillows are effective for people with upper back and neck pain or for people who want to stop tossing and turning at night.  There are many causes of neck and shoulder aches.  There are also many choices of pillows.  The difficulty is finding the pillow that can pinpoint the problem and eliminate it.  More often it is the way you sleep that causes the problems.  Learning how to support your neck correctly can eliminate much of the movement at night and allow the pillow to do its job!  The more restless the person, the more likely the neck pain.

Pillows need to be selected first by size to fit your particular body type.  Broad shoulders need thicker pillows for side sleeping.  Thinner pillows are needed for back and stomach sleeping.   Pillow density will also make a difference in comfort.  A denser pillow tends to reduce night movement.

Temperature is also a factor for many people.  When body temperature increases at night, sweating is a big problem.  Cooling pillows can reduce head temperature, making the person less restless.  Cooling pillows incorporate materials that wick away heat.  The hotter the sleeper the greater the need for heat transfer capacity of the pillow.

People with neck and shoulder problems need to find someone who can help with the pillow selection.  Make sure your salesperson takes your build and your particular problems into consideration.  The right pillow will help you get a deeper more relaxing sleep.

We have the right pillow selection to help stop the night movement to improve neck support.  Visit us and ask us how to use pillows to improve your sleep!