Don’t forget the kids.

Did you know 40% of a child’s time is spent in their bed?  Most children’s sleep requirements fall within a predictable range of hours based on their age, but each child is a unique individual with distinct sleep… Read More

When should I replace my mattress?

Tips for Determining when to Replace Your Mattress  Mattresses are rather expensive and because of that many of us hang onto our old mattresses long after they provide the proper support for sleeping. Although it may seem like… Read More

What about the price?

Can the right $500 mattress actually sleep better than the wrong $2500 mattress? Just by looking at mattresses makes you wonder why the pricing is so different!  All queen mattresses are 60” wide and 80” long.  The only… Read More

Why new pillows?

The rest of the story. You have the perfect bed!  It feels like heaven when you lay down.  Everything about the mattress is just perfect, but why do you still wake up with sore shoulders, a stiff neck… Read More

Not Your Normal Pet

Mattresses are magnets for a few unwanted bugs. Think about the life of a mattress. For 6-8 hours every night it is a warm, moist, soft surface to sleep on. It is also the perfect environment for a… Read More