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“We just bought another set of Tempur-pedic pillows to take along when we travel. We’ve been spoiled for the past couple years with the Tempur-pedic pillows at home and found that when we travel we don’t get restful… Read More

Relief from back pain

“No more back pain or restless leg.  Thank you for explaining how to eliminate these two major sources of discomfort for me!” E. Conover, Van Wert

No more tossing and turning at night

The adjustable bed has eliminated my tossing and turning at night.  No more back pain and improved circulation let me wake up rested and pain free in the morning.  Thanks for the recommendation and explanation how to get… Read More

Time for a change

After sleeping on a waterbed for 30 years, we decided it was time for a change. Worried that no bed would be as comfortable, we went to Van Wert Bedrooms. Randy was very knowledgeable and helped us through… Read More

Every bedding purchase

Every purchase I have made in the bedding department has come from Van Wert Bedroom. I have been extremely satisfied with the honest approach to meeting my sleep needs. I will be back for another purchase in the… Read More