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Air beds allow for dual comfort. Hard to soft . Either side.

Finding the perfect bed is easy! All you need is a bed that gives each of you perfect firmness and support – a bed that can be adjusted to fit both of you perfectly. A bed that adjusts independently on each side. You’re looking for support that relieves pressure points for less tossing and turning. Less tossing and turning for more restful sleep.

You should also be able to please your practical side, with a bed that can be updated or freshened whenever you like. And, your bed should offer you the peace of mind that comes from a 25-year limited warranty.  You’re in luck. Comfortaire invented that bed over 30 years ago. The magic is in the air®.

A Comfortaire® bed may be just the right kind of mattress for you.

However, you won’t know unless you test one out. Come see us. You might be pleasantly surprised how one will feel under you.

The essence of comfort.

G-10 Essence

G-10 Air-Supported Sleep at An Affordable Price

Inside your G10 – a soft knit mattress cover, 2.25-inch convoluted comfort pad, 6-inch, 24 gauage latex/cotton air chambers and 1.6 density foam support on the perimeter.  The air control system puts the power of personalized adjustability at the touch of your finger. With 100 Comfort Settings™, this air control system gives you the perfect setting for your Personalized Sleep Experiences™.  The G-10 Comfortaire® mattress offers you peace of mind that comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

12-Inch Faux-Euro Zip Top.

G-12 Horizons

G-12 All Comfort & No Compromise

Based on our original design, the G12 blends the comfort of air support with a touch of luxury. A deeper comfort layer and super soft bamboo cover cradle you in plush comfort. The natural “air-conditioning” of bamboo fibers allows the surface of your mattress to breathe for exceptional moisture control. You’ll feel cooler and more refreshed.  Sleep better, feel better, live better. Comfortaire®.  The G-12 Comfortaire® mattress offers you peace of mind that comes with a 25-year limited warranty.



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