Founded in 1893 and headquartered in Nashville, TN., Southerland’s mission is to provide high quality sleep systems for the best value in the marketplace.  Southerland’s products are backed by some of the best non-prorated warranties in the industry, ensuring that if there ever is an issue with their product, Southerland will go above and beyond to make it right.Our families have made and slept on our beds for over 119 years. It’s our dedication to making it right that lets us sleep with a smile, and wake up with a sense of purpose. While the business of high quality sleep changed a lot over all these years – the technology is shinier, the marketing is digital, the mattresses are better – Everything we at Southerland do still starts the same way, by putting you first.

Southerland takes to heart the happiness and satisfaction of its employees and its customers- it’s the only way we know how to do business. So wherever you decide to rest your head tonight, rest easy knowing Southerland has been making it right for a long, long time, and we’re going to do the same thing tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

 Tradition 8″ Latex and Legacy 10″ LatexSoutherland Legacy 10

Southerland’s all-latex line features patented continuous pour latex – 100% latex specifically engineered to be the safest, most pressure-relieving, most supportive and most durable foam in the market.  Latex mattresses feel new for a longer period of time, provide active support so there’s no “stuck in the mud” feel, offer better airflow for a cooler night’s sleep and are hypo-allergenic and certified to be safe and free from allergens.  The Tradition offers a firmer sleep surface while the Legacy has a softer sleep surface.  The Tradition and the Legacy have 15 year warranties.  Display model 10″ Queen = $1,520    Display model 8″ Queen = $1,280

Sleep Master Plush/Firm

The Sleep Master is a 2-sided mattress that can be flipped and rotated like you did with mattresses twenty years ago.  The Sleep Master has layers of foam over a 650 coil innerspring base.  The Sleep Master Plush is for people who prefer a softer surface on a firm innerspring.  The Sleep Master Firm is excellent for people with back problems or injuries that need a firmer, but not hard, sleep surface.  The Sleep Master is compatible with adjustable bases for extra comfort created by sleeping with the head and the feet slightly elevated.  The Sleep Master carries a 10 year warranty.  Queen set for $799.